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Mac OS X

A list of what I install on new machines:

  • Desktop Applications:
  • Development Tools:
    • Xcode
    • Homebrew
    • oh-my-zsh
    • nvm - Node Version Manager
    • rvm - Ruby Version Manager
    • My dotfiles
    • iTerm2 - Terminal
    • Warp (Referral link) - Terminal Iโ€™ve been following Warpโ€™s development for a while. It looks really interesting and overall Iโ€™m enjoying it. iTerm2 definitely has some benefits still like direct integration with Tmux, but I think Warp has a lot of potential.

Collections of what others use on their Mac computers:

Display Scaling Issuesโ€‹

A common issue people seem to have with external monitors is getting display scaling to work correctly. The external display seems to end up looking pixelated.

Some potential solutions for this:

  • bbhardin/A-Guide-to-MacOS-Scaled-Resolutions: A guide explaining some of the internals and some workarounds available.
  • avibrazil/RDM: I assume RDM stands for โ€œRetina Display Managerโ€. Lets you set your display to unsupported resolutions, helping you achieve the pixel density you actually want.
  • waydabber/BetterDisplay: A much more full-featured alternative to RDM. This has a ton of features around XDR/HDR brightness upscaling, dummy displays, DDC controls, and more. Much of it seems to be behind a paywall, but as of writing the price is only $15 USD.