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  • Canโ€™t Unsee: test how good of an eye you have for UI design
  • Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
    • HN discussion
    • This has some great examples, showing both bad and good for each paradigm. Some of these Iโ€™ve followed just out of habit. The โ€œNest Corners Properlyโ€ rule was one that I had never thought about before, but the moment I saw it in practice I realized how easy it was to actually do that in the future.
  • Nerd Fonts, a collection of fonts for developers with tons of extra icons loaded into them.


  • Linear(HN): project management / issue tracking software. I love the look of the dashboard. Clean look, high contrast, excellent colour scheme. There are a few areas that I would adjust, but thatโ€™s okay.

Image placeholder libraries:

  • ThumbHash
  • BlurHash
  • An alternative option is to use a WebP file with 0% quality at a very low resolution, and then scaling it back up.