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Push To Repository

  1. Define GH_USER and GH_EMAIL in the repository secrets.
  2. Create step in the job to configure Git credentials.
    - name: Configure git credentials
    uses: OleksiyRudenko/gha-git-[email protected]-latest
    name: '[ci] Brian Turchyn'
    email: '${{ secrets.GH_USER }}'
    actor: 'b-turchyn'
    token: '${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}'
  3. Set Git config with name and email, then run the push in the same step.
    - name: Build and Deploy
    run: |
    git config --global "${{ secrets.GH_EMAIL }}"
    git config --global "${{ secrets.GH_USER }}"
    git push # ...or other Git commands

All done!