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Contribution Graph Generatorsโ€‹

  • GitHub Unwrapped
    • This generates a little MP4 video that you can share and produces graphs for:
      • Contributions for each day of the week
      • Contributions for each hour of the day
      • Issues created (and how many are closed)
      • Pull requests created
    • Only requires a GitHub username, no login required
  • GitHub Wrapped
    • No relation to GitHub Unwrapped
    • Requires you to log in with your GitHub account
  • GitHub Trends
    • Requires you to Star the repository before it will generate the results, but doesnโ€™t require you to log in
    • Lots of graphs and LOC analysis
  • GitHub Skyline
    • Official GitHub project
    • Gives a 3D representation of your contributions and will provide an STL file to get it 3D printed
  • GitHub City
    • Similar to GitHub Skyline, except more like a low-poly Cities: Skylines vibe
  • GitHub Contributions Chart Generator. Generates an image for your entire GitHub history.
  • Grass-Graph. Generates for the current year. Has some minor formatting issues for the text placement (as of 2022-11-28).