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Home Assistant

My favourite home automation system.


Interesting integrations:

  • HACS - Home Assistant Community Store. Lots of third-party plugins are available through this.
  • rbaron/r-parasite - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) soil moisture and ambient temperature/humidity/light sensor. Claims to be able to run for over a year on a single CR2032 battery
  • slashback100/presence_simulation - Simulates someone being at home by turning off and on your lights, based on your history in HASS.

Some of my automations:

  • Turn Off TV When Itโ€™s Too Late
    • This currently works only on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday nights) and triggers at 9pm, but can be easily updated.
    • Change the media player you wish to watch over. For me, itโ€™s the living room TV.


  • Tuya integration: error 2406 skill_id invalid can be solved by removing and re-adding the integration within the Tuya admin panel. (Instructions)