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Database Setup​

  • Create user createuser -W matrix_user
  • Create database createdb --encoding=UTF8 --locale=C --template=template0 --owner=matrix_user matrix

Double Puppeting​

Reference info

Double puppeting is when your bridge software will make messages you sent via the other software show up in your Matrix chats. For example, if I send a message via Signal, double puppeting will make it show up in my Matrix chat.

  • Set up and install matrix-synapse-shared-secret-auth. Docker instructions:
    • Download the Python file to a place where you’ll mount the file from
    • Add the following line to your volumes for your Synapse install. Replace the first part with the relative path to the downloaded Python file:
      - ./
    • NOTE: As of 1.76.0rc2, Synapse runs on Python 3.11; if upgrading, be sure to use the correct Python version in the path above. (Kudos to @dklimpel in this GitHub issue for the issue resolution)
  • Generate a random string, which will be the shared secret between the Signal bridge and the Synapse server. In the below steps, look for replace-this-random-string.
    pwgen -s 128 1 # Generates a 128-character string
  • Update homeserver.yaml for Synapse to include the new module. modules is a top-level heading that may already exist:
    - module: shared_secret_authenticator.SharedSecretAuthProvider
    shared_secret: "replace-this-random-string"
    m_login_password_support_enabled: true # Unsure if this is needed
  • Your bridge software now needs to know about the Synapse server and the shared secret that applies to it. In the case of Signal Bridge, update config.yaml:
    • Under bridge.double_puppet_server_map, add a server mapping for your home server.
    • Under bridge.login_shared_secret_map, add the shared secret.
    login_shared_secret_map: replace-this-random-string
  • Restart Synapse and your bridge software
  • Once restarted, start a chat with the bridge bot (i.e. @signalbot) and send the message ping-matrix. If working correctly, you should receive the message Your Matrix login is working..

API Usage​

The Matrix API is fairly well-documented. Access is through an access_token issued by your homeserver. The easiest way I’ve found to get an access token is through the Element client. Once logged in, go to Settings, Help & About, Advanced. Your access token will be in a collapsed section.