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B.R.E.A.D. is an acronym for a drafting strategy.


Bomb cards, if unaddressed by your opponent, โ€œgo offโ€ and will win you the game.

Look for:

  • Big creatures, specifically ones that are hard to block
    • Flying, unblockable, indestructable, and trample abilities are examples of good evasion here.
  • Significant card advantage
  • Game-breaking effects, such as big Planeswalkers


Removal cards are ones that deal with your opponentโ€™s big threats. This can be:

  • Counterspells
  • Destroy or exile effects
  • โ€œNerfโ€ effects such as Luminous Bonds
  • Bounce spells
  • Pump or fight spells
  • Flash spells that allow you to block and kill during combat


Evasion cards give your creatures the ability to get past your opponentโ€™s blockers. Flying, unblockable, and trample are good examples.


Aggro creatures are there to fill out your mana curve. They apply pressure to your opponent so you can get out your bombs.


Dirt are the useless cards (for your deck).