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Hero Guidesโ€‹

Competitive Strategiesโ€‹

The three main play styles โ€” Brawl, Dive, and Poke โ€” are generally in a rock-paper-scissors fight with one-another.


Goal: to stick together, move in fast, and get on top of the enemy team

Prioritized abilities:

  • Closer-range abilities
  • High speed
  • Multi-target abilities

Effective range: close

Things to avoid:

  • Long-range heroes. The teamโ€™s goal is to stick together and get on top of enemies, so only close/medium-range heroes will be effective here.
  • Heroes who want to run alone, for example Sombra, who regularly needs to leave to disengage.
  • Single-target healers. Itโ€™s more difficult to heal the correct target in the chaos of a brawl.

Good Brawl picks:

  • Tank
    • Junker Queen
    • Reinhardt
    • Zarya
  • Damage
    • Cassidy
    • Mei
    • Reaper
  • Support
    • Baptiste
    • Lucio
    • Moira

Situational picks:

  • Winston. Jump only to disengage, not to engage. Play like a Reinhardt. Use your shield to survive longer.
  • Symmetra. Teleporters can get your team around difficult terrain fast.


Goal: to be able to quickly jump on vulnerable enemies

Prioritized abilities:

  • High mobility (jumps, teleports, etc)
  • Abilities to keep from dying (Kirikoโ€™s Suzu, Moiraโ€™s Fade, Tracerโ€™s Recall)
  • Vertical movement (Hanzoโ€™s, Genjiโ€™s or Kirikoโ€™s wall climb, Winstonโ€™s jump pack)

Effective range: variable

Things to avoid:

  • Heroes that canโ€™t engage and disengage, or doing your job at range. If you canโ€™t get in and out without dying, or you canโ€™t do your job at range, then avoid that hero.
  • Dive is not played as โ€Brawl, but everyone jumps inโ€.

Good Dive picks:

  • Tank
    • Winston
    • Dโ€™Va
  • Damage
    • Genji
    • Sombra
    • Tracer
  • Support

Situational picks:

  • Brigitte. If your composition is running Ana, stick with the Ana to protect her.
  • Lucio, if running Kiriko.
  • Mercy, if running Ashe, Echo, or Pharah.


Goal: deal damage from range, force the enemy team into bad positions, get picks, and take space

Prioritized abilities:

  • Long-range damage
  • Kiting abilities, such as Asheโ€™s coach gun, Sojournโ€™s slide, Tracerโ€™s blink

Effective range: long

Things to avoid:

  • Close-range heroes. They will have nothing to do for most of the fight.
  • Support heroes whose main benefit is multi-target healing. You will rarely group up enough for this to be efficient.

Good Poke picks:

  • Tank
    • Sigma
  • Damage
    • Ashe
    • Hanzo
    • Sojourn
    • Widowmaker
  • Support
    • Ana
    • Baptiste
    • Zenyatta

Situational picks:

  • Mercy, if running Ashe