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I first started playing Pokemon as a child when the Red and Blue versions came out. I had fully beaten both, and almost fully completed the Yellow version. I own a few other versions as well, but the original hold a special place for me.

Mods, Randomizers, and Moreโ€‹


In general, the rules for a Nuzlocke run are as follows:

  1. You can only use a Pokemon if it is the first wild Pokemon you encounter on a route. For example, if you catch the first wild Pokemon you encounter when entering Route 21, you can use it. If you fail to catch it for whatever reason (it faints, runs away, etc) then you cannot catch another Pokemon in that area.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, they are dead; you must release them or put them into storage.
  3. While not required, youโ€™re encouraged to name each Pokemon you catch so its death hurts that much more.

This ruleset can be combined with a Soul-Link run.

Soul-link runs are played with two players on separate games. The rules of Nuzlockes applies here; you can only use the first wild Pokemon you encounter on a route. Both players must catch that Pokemon however. Once this happens, the Pokemon are soul-linked. If one dies, the other also dies (this is simulated by either releasing or storing that Pokemon).

I have used the Pokemon Soul.Link software before, but the author has deprecated it and encourages people to use PokeLink (warning: Discord invite link). It is, unfortunately, Windows-only, and is not, unfortunately, open source.

Some PokeLink resources: