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Waking Up Early

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Shifting your sleep schedule can take about a week to avoid self-imposed jet lag.

Why Wake Up Earlyโ€‹

Some reasons why you may want to wake up early. If none of these fit you, then perhaps waking up early isnโ€™t for you.

Sourced from Lefieโ€™s video WHY wake up at 4am?

  1. You arenโ€™t as physically active as youโ€™d like to be. You will have the most discipline and willpower when you first wake up.
  2. Youโ€™re consuming more than creating. If most people are asleep when you first wake up, then you have less distractions. Again, with willpower at its highest when you first wake up, you can allocate creation time at the start of your day so that you create more.
  3. You work from home. Itโ€™s usually easier to resist starting to work rather than stopping work, since if youโ€™re on a roll you are going to keep going. This can help with work-life balance.
  4. You live alone. If youโ€™re isolated, your mental health can be improved if youโ€™re working on a purpose you value.
  5. You hate mornings. By waking up early, you can fix some of the reasons you dislike mornings for (more prep time, time to de-stress, etc).

I like the idea of waking up early, although my schedule doesnโ€™t always allow for it. I have to work late sometimes, or social activities go later.