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Learning List

A semi-prioritized list of things I want to learn about.

  • Gearing mechanisms. Saw this video with LEGO with various mechanical principles like a Schmidt Coupling which seems really cool.
  • Flutter. This is really the mobile framework Iโ€™m most interested in, and rather than trying to pick up bits and pieces here and there, I need to do a proper deep-dive on it.
  • React Native. Iโ€™ve worked with Flutter but itโ€™d be neat to see the pros and cons to another mobile framework.
  • Dermatomyositis.
  • Financial reports, particularly ones issued by charities. How do I read these? How can I see that my donation is getting put to good use?
  • Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs). I need to know how to properly draw these. There are specific symbols used to indicate certain things. This is important for threat modeling
  • unique_ptr/shared_ptr/weak_ptr


  • JavaScript Modules. Whatโ€™s the difference between ESM, CommonJS, and UMD? Are there other types of modules? What is a module, anyway?