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Everyone should strive to learn something new every day. Itโ€™s also a good idea to try to learn in public, since others can benefit from what you learn. This creates a positive feedback loop amongst others.

Master How To Learn seems like an interesting reference. I think I could get some benefit from the articles there.

My general goal with learning is to:

  • Intake knowledge either by reading books or online articles that are well-sourced.
  • Take a moment to understand and evaluate what I just read, taking into account any cognitive biases I may have
  • Distill the knowledge into a storage mechanism, like an Anki deck or this wiki.
  • Look for opportunities to use the information Iโ€™ve taken in.
  • For things such as language, consider finding Anki decks that others have already created to make the learning process easier.

Learning is a constant in life. Thereโ€™s always opportunities to learn more, to revise what my beliefs are, and to grow as a person. The goal is not to be right; thatโ€™s impossible. Instead my goal is to be less wrong over time and be able to do something important and worthwhile with the knowledge I gain. As such, information in this wiki changes over time.

TIL Reposโ€‹

TIL (Today I Learned) repos are repositories that people contribute to at least daily of something they learned that day.

Some examples: