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Stream-Safe Music

A collection of music collections that can be used in Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and more for commercial purposes without paying any royalty fees.

  • Backing Track
    • I heard about Backing Track through Youtuber and Twitch streamer EposVox
  • ImKibitz
    • Kibitz has one playlist that explicitly said that itโ€™s copyright-free. Not sure about other playlists.
  • Soundtrack by Twitch
    • Should be safe for streaming on Twitch. Not sure about other platforms.
    • This is probably the worst available option. This is because you need to have Soundtrack writing to a separate audio track so they can be removed from VODs, so this doesnโ€™t really constitute royalty-free. (Not surprising for Twitch).
  • Stream Beats by Harris Heller
    • I first heard about this through Harris Hellerโ€™s YouTube videos
    • As of 2024-03-17, a new website is being built, with the download link being included on the page.
  • LoFi Girl
    • Credit is required in the descriptions; see the above link for how to credit properly.
  • GameChops
    • Video game remixes and cover songs
    • Free to stream

Alan Gogoll used to allow their music to be streamed on Twitch, however the Twitch page is no longer available ๐Ÿ˜ญ