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Assuming there arenโ€™t external factors at play (i.e. working multiple jobs to make ends meet), busyness is a coping mechanism so we can avoid thinking about our lives.

When getting things done, itโ€™s best to ensure that your time is being spent effectively. Taking breaks is important and should be considered valuable, but for work-related tasks consider a time management technique like the Eisenhower Matrix for some basic task organization.

If thereโ€™s another train after this one, you donโ€™t have to fret.

Sometimes, we choose to use the urgent crisis as fuel. We set up our lives around creating these deadlines, reminding ourselves that if we cross that line, weโ€™re dead.

Itโ€™s possible to great work without putting everything in jeopardy.

โ€” Seth Godin