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Todoist is my preferred to-do app. I’ve been a paying customer for years.

Tips and Tricks​

  • If you need a task to occur multiple times per day, there are three different approaches:

    1. Create multiple copies of the same task.
    2. Create your recurring schedule based on a period of hours, not of specific times, such as every 12 hours or every 8 hours for tasks that need to occur twice or three times per day.
    3. For newly-created tasks, Reddit user /u/ConsequenceAncient29 has found that you can achieve this with the phrasing of every day at 7am and every day at 9pm. When I tried every day at 7am and 9pm, it did not work, so the and operator seems to not be aware of the earlier every day, which I suppose makes sense.

    I found this generally pretty flaky to get working; when I tried it once it seemed to work, but trying with a brand new task didn’t work.


Some interesting official templates for projects: