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An API key is required to access any IKEA APIs. This is sent in the X-Client-ID HTTP Header.

As of writing, the API key for the IKEA Canada website is b6c117e5-ae61-4ef5-b4cc-e0b1e37f0631.

Product Availability

One API call retrieves product availabilities from the IKEA API. Parameters in this API are:

  • Country code, identical to the country code in the IKEA URL when you visit a page (i.e. ca, us)
  • Article number. This can be found either in the product URL or the article number listed on the product page. For example, the SONGESAND nightstand has an article number of 703.674.44, which is represented without the periods (70367444).


cURL Example:

',Restocks,SalesLocations' \
-H 'Accept: application/json;version=2' \
-H 'X-Client-ID: b6c117e5-ae61-4ef5-b4cc-e0b1e37f0631' \
--output -