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Design Questions

โ€œPathfinding takes longer than path following. Discussions lead to changes in spec. Dependencies always add time.โ€ โ€” Seth Godin

  • What is the effort to implement the feature?
    • Design, development, testing, deployment, ongoing maintenance
  • How risky is the feature to implement?
  • Are there other options not being considered? Why are they not viable?
  • How is the feature going to be supported once itโ€™s live?
    • Is there monitoring?
    • Is there sufficient documentation for someone to fix issues that arise?
  • How much tech debt will we accrue by implementing the feature as designed?
    • Will the developers be groveling in a month because โ€œthe code is a messโ€?
    • Is the accrual of this tech debt acceptable?
  • Has this been done before, either by this team or anyone? Has it been partially done before?
  • Whatโ€™s more important? Speed or quality?