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Development Processes and Questions

Questions To Askโ€‹

  • Who is it for?
  • How many people will use it?
  • Whatโ€™s the hard part?
  • What are your error conditions?
  • Are there existing design patterns that can be used to implement the feature?
  • What validation do you need for your inputs?
  • How will you scale this? Do you need to scale?
  • Does this matter? Are we using our time effectively?
  • When do you involve testers?

Contextually Good Ideasโ€‹

Some ideas to consider. These wonโ€™t be universally good; context needs to be considered. A 1-2 person project doesnโ€™t need the same coordination as a 3-team feature.

  • In group environments, have one person who will own the oversight of the feature. They are aware of the current state, who is working on what, and is able to get people to coordinate.