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Ruminating over a particular topic is generally unhealthy. Youโ€™re better off thinking about it once (such as when youโ€™re journaling, writing down your thoughts, then leaving it be. Thereโ€™s little value to be gained by obsessing over something for too long.

  • Most of the time, nobody is thinking about you. You are not as important to others as you think you are. In all likelihood theyโ€™re too busy thinking about themselves, just as you are thinking about yourself.
  • Itโ€™s impossible for you to know what someone else is thinking. Even if they tell you what theyโ€™re thinking, you canโ€™t guarantee that theyโ€™re telling you the truth, or even the whole truth. Because you canโ€™t know, youโ€™re better off assuming what theyโ€™re thinking is good.