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30 Day Challenges

I first got the idea for 30 day challenges from Matt Dโ€™Avella and his many videos doing this.

An ideal 30 day challenge for myself is one that:

  1. Pushes myself out of my comfort zone;
  2. Gets me to try something new; or
  3. Removes something from my life that I know isnโ€™t positively contributing; or
  4. Encourages me to do more of something that I know will positively contribute.

This ties into the concept of a yearly (or seasonal) theme, but with more defined goals and a shorter timespan. I think of this as a targeted focus on one thing that ties into your theme.

My Previous 30 Day Challengesโ€‹

ThemeCompleted In
Meditate for 30 minutes a dayJanuary 2022
Stream on Twitch for 90 minutes a dayFebruary 2022
Read for 60 minutes a dayMarch 2022
Practice chess for 60 minutes a dayApril 2022
Journal every dayMay 2022
Practice speedcubing every dayJune 2022
Cold showersAugust 2022
Work on programming projects for 60 minutes a dayJanuary 2023
Get 8 hours of sleep every nightFebruary 2023
Try using Twitter more effectivelyMarch 2023
Yoga every dayMay 2023
Exercise every dayJune 2023