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A theme is a looser version of a New Yearโ€™s resolution. I first learned about the idea of a theme from CGP Greyโ€™s theme video.

The general process is:

  • Find a word or short phrase that resonates with you. Describe your theme as the โ€œYear of Xโ€ or the โ€œSeason of Yโ€.
  • Consider this theme every time you make a decision.


If your theme is โ€œThe Season of Healthโ€, consider:

  • Biking or walking to the grocery store rather than driving
  • When walking your dog, walk one more block than you normally would
  • Avoid buying the unhealthy snack and instead get a healthier one
  • Do five push-ups in between meetings at work

If your theme is โ€œThe Year of Noveltyโ€, consider:

  • Buying a different snack at the grocery store than you typically would
  • Take a different route to/from work
  • Travel somewhere for vacation rather than staying home
  • Grab drinks with a friend on a whim