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FediDB provides a list of instances available to join, along with their user counts, the software theyโ€™re running, and general environment growth.

Fediverse.Party also contains information about various federated software platforms.

Facebook Alternativesโ€‹

  • Friendica is a Facebook-like replacement. It integrates with most of the other popular ActivityPub-based solutions like Mastodon, but also works with diaspora*.

Reddit Alternativesโ€‹

For non-federated options, check Link Aggregators

Twitter Alternativesโ€‹

This covers any sort of microblogging.

  • Mastodon is one of the biggest options available. The software is stable and there are many instances available to use already.
    • The official site has lots of information about how it works and its key features
    • They provide a list of servers that you can join that have committed to adhere to the Mastodon Server Covenant. This commitment provides some guarantee of stability, active moderation against hate speech, and promote decentralization.
  • Wildebeest
    • This was built by Cloudflare for deployment on their platform.
    • Prepare to pay for this offering. As of 2023-06-12, their Requirements docs suggest that the minimum monthly cost is about $10/month USD for an instance, which isnโ€™t too bad when shared with other people.
  • Misskey seems to have a very anime/vtuber focus to its style. Its marketing content is written in Japanese.
    • Source code on GitHub
    • The documentation notes that itโ€™s intended to be a general-purpose ActivityPub-equipped solution.
    • Its mascot / โ€œguardian deityโ€ is known as Ai and has their own website with fanart (Japanese only)
  • Pleroma is a lightweight, Mastodon-like option written in Erlang/Elixer.
  • Akkoma supports a number of special features available on other systems, such as โ€œMisskey Markdownโ€ and boasts being 30-50% faster than Pleroma.
  • GNU social is very much in the style of the original Twitter

The following are not compatible with Mastodonโ€™s federation:

  • diaspora*
    • I had used diaspora* in the past, but itโ€™s a bit more of a walled garden. diaspora* pods can federate, but they canโ€™t federate with Mastodon.

Other Servicesโ€‹

  • write freely is an ActivityPub-equipped writing/blogging platform.
    • It notes that thereโ€™s โ€œno news feed, notifications, or unnecessary likes or claps to take you away from your train of thoughtโ€.
    • is one of the biggest instances of it