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The best guide Iโ€™ve read for doing a coding stream is by Suz Hinton. ( snapshot, since the original post is no longer available). The screenshots of OBS are old, but much of the fundamentals still apply. Suzโ€™s earlier article about lessons learned from streaming on Twitch is a good read for those who are looking at getting into streaming.

Streaming Sitesโ€‹

Streaming Toolsโ€‹

  • Mix It Up Streaming Bot - originated from the now-defunct Mixer streaming platform. Run locally, tie into the Twitch API directly.
  • OBS Studio - The OG stream tool. Connects to all major streaming platforms. A must-use for any streamer.
  • NowPlaying - Browser source for streaming programs. Watches what youโ€™re currently playing in Spotify and shows a notification widget when the song changes.
    • Stream-Free Music has a list of artists and songs that are safe to play while streaming.
  • StreamElements - I use this for a chat bot and for overlays.

Stream Automationโ€‹

Development Librariesโ€‹

OBS Pluginsโ€‹

Below are several plugins I use, including replacements for plugins that are in StreamFX. This now becomes useful as now only StreamFXโ€™s stable releases are available for download for free and the last stable release was for OBS 27.

  • Vertical - Adds a vertical canvas to OBS along-side your regular horizontal one.
  • blur-filter - Extracts the blur filter from StreamFX
  • obs-3d-effect - Provides a 3D effect filter, replacing the StreamFX one
  • obs-source-clone - Provides the StreamFX equivalent of the Source Mirror
  • obs-shaderfilter - Provides shader support, replacing the StreamFX filter

Stream Assetsโ€‹

  • PixelPro
  • Visuals by Impulse
    • They have a bunch of semi-custom stuff available for generation on their site with no Photoshop/After Effects required. Neat.
  • Nerd or Die
    • Iโ€™ve bought two packs from them, and their support team is fairly responsive. Their pre-made packs donโ€™t always work great with Mac OS out of the box since the text boxes they use are on the Windows version of OBS Studio only.
    • There are lots of coupon codes available online for discounts on their products.