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Artificial Intelligence

  • - Natural realistic emotive high-fidelity faster-than-real-time TTS synthesis with minimal viable data. (Twitter)
  • ChatGPT
    • Lots of people have been looking into how to โ€œjailbreakโ€ past ChatGPTโ€™s protections. These protections are there to prevent ChatGPT from telling somebody how to commit a crime or do something unethical.
  • IngestAI
    • No-code chat bot creator using your knowledge base
    • HN discussion
    • Seems to be some healthy concerns around the companyโ€™s privacy policy, specifically what is done with the data being uploaded and how it can be used by third parties. Iโ€™d use this if I could 100% self-host it

I also keep a list of computer-generated music.

AI projects for fun:

Interesting articles about AI: