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PARA Method

  • PARA is a method for organizing digital information
  • Defined by Tiago Forte
  • PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, Archives


Projects cover anything with a deadline. Completing a new feature, publishing some content, purchasing a vehicle. These are short-term outcomes youโ€™re actively working on. There is a start and end; in other words, there is a defined objective to complete. โ€œBuild garageโ€ is an example. โ€œHome maintenanceโ€ is not.

Areas of Responsibilityโ€‹

Something to be maintained over time. Health and fitness, professional development, online presence. These are long-term commitments: ongoing, with no end date and no objective to complete.


A topic or theme of interest. How to take notes, gardening notes, recipes. It is a reference. A digital garden can embody a lot of what is covered in resources, but typically your resources in PARA are private and for yourself and a digital garden is generally public. I feel like the two can coexist.


Items from the above three categories that are completed, inactive, unmaintained, are no longer committed to.