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Writing Styles

Starting Offโ€‹

  • Classism encourages us to write poetically like how old philosophers or playwrights used to
    • See: the quotes that are in The Daily Stoic
  • Start simple
  • Focus on writing clearly: the fundamentals first
    • When editing, donโ€™t use 50 words when 10 will do

Clear Writingโ€‹

  • Use short sentences. Donโ€™t use 30 words when 10 will do. Your aim is to be clear and concise.
  • Avoid common phrases. Substitute โ€œdue to the fact thatโ€ with โ€œbecauseโ€. These are filler words.
  • Use data over adjectives (see: being clear). โ€œWe saw a significant increaseโ€ should be swapped out with โ€œWe saw a 15% increaseโ€.
  • Donโ€™t use weasel words. Instead of โ€œnearly halfโ€, say exactly what percentage.
  • Make sure your writing has purpose. If your writing doesnโ€™t answer the question โ€œso what?โ€, then you need to rewrite.
  • Be objective. Replace feelings with facts.
  • Avoid acronyms and jargon. These fillers gatekeep the information you want to convey.