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Dog Training

The general steps for training a new dog behaviour are:

  1. Get the behaviour to occur by capturing, shaping, or luring.
  2. Mark the behaviour with a clicker.
  3. Reward the behaviour with something high value for the dog, such as treats, their favourite toy, or going outside.
  4. Repeat until the dog does it easily at least 80% of the time.
  5. Add a verbal cue just before the dog does the action. This associates the action theyโ€™re about to perform with the cue.
    • Adding the verbal cue before they are performing the action will associate โ€œsit there and look at meโ€ with the cue, rather than the action you want.
  6. Use the verbal cue to get the requested action.

Core Trainingโ€‹

  • Clicker โ€œchargingโ€. Reinforce that the sound of a click means โ€œtreatsโ€
  • Name โ€œchargingโ€. Reinforce that the dogโ€™s name means to look at the person calling the dogโ€™s name and await instructions.
  • Sitting
  • Lie down
  • Puppy Push-Ups. Alternate between sitting and lying down.
  • Stand