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โ€œEvery writer writes for an audienceโ€ (link)

  • Just Write, Robert Birming
  • Five Hundred Words, a site for using the โ€œdonโ€™t break the chainโ€ habit approach to encourage you to write 500 words every day.
    • I found this on Hacker News, although I forgot to record the comments link
  • Writing by hand seems to be one of the best ways to retain information.

Some techniques for writing:

  • From Derek Sivers:
    • Write one sentence per line (donโ€™t publish this way, but edit this way; combine the sentences together into paragraphs during the last step of the editing process)
    • Strip out filler content. โ€œWhether or notโ€, โ€œI thinkโ€, etc.

Other things: