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Interesting Discord bots:

  • CouchBot sends notifications when someone goes live on a livestreaming platform. This seems to be one of the few that can do YouTube live streams properly rather than just a new YouTube video (Mee6 has that problem).
  • Mee6 seems to be one of the better moderation bots. Thereโ€™s some features I wish it had, but overall it seems fine. Has a free and premium offering.
  • Scryfall has bots for both Discord and Slack for retrieving information on Magic: The Gathering cards.
  • Statbot collects stats on messages sent, active users, voice chat person-hours, etc. Has a free and premium offering.

Useful Discord tools:

  • HammerTime generates Discord time tags so that the date and/or time you enter will be in the correct time zone for the reader.

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