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While thereโ€™s a multitude of different types of salt from a chemistry perspective, when cooking weโ€™re referring to sodium chloride โ€” table salt.

Types of Saltโ€‹

Common types of salt when cooking are:

  • Table salt; this is when salt is very fine. Itโ€™s commonly used as an ingredient in cooking in this form. This is commonly iodized, meaning iodine is added.
  • Coarse salt; while this can be used for cooking, itโ€™s usually used more for frosting rims of cocktail glasses or a salt crust for fish/meat. The main benefit of course salt for cooking is that it can be easily pinched, meaning you can pick up a pinch of salt very easily.
  • Kosher salt; a form of course salt with no additives. If youโ€™re substituting kosher salt for table salt, youโ€™ll need to use ~1.5x more. I use kosher salt on my steaks.
  • Seasoning salt; a combination of salts with spices and occasionally MSG.