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Digital Garden

A garden is something inbetween a personal blog and a wiki. Itโ€™s a collection of evolving notes, essays, and ideas that arenโ€™t strictly organised by their publication date. Theyโ€™re inherently exploratory โ€“ posts are linked through contextual associations. They arenโ€™t refined or complete - posts can be published as half-finished thoughts that will grow and evolve over time. Theyโ€™re less rigid, less performative, and less perfect than the personal โ€œblogsโ€ weโ€™re used to encountering on the web.

โ€” MaggieAppleton/digital-gardeners



  • Emanote
  • Jekyll Garden - A Jekyll theme for creating a digital garden.
    • Thereโ€™s some things I like about this, namely the backlinks support. I wonder if I can put this functionality into Docusaurus.
  • mathieudutour/gatsby-digital-garden, a library to create a digital garden, sourcing content from Roam Research.
    • This has support for generating a graph of backlinks; Iโ€™d love to add that into my garden at one point. Not sure how complicated that would be.


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